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Hydraulic Steering Systems


ISO 9001 Certification: Successful Upgrade to Version 2015

LS certification ISO 9001

The audit conducted by Bureau Veritas in view to obtain ISO 9001 certification in its new version has taken place and has not identified any non-compliance. Quite the contrary, the assessment has highlighted following points:

Efficiency: On the basis of the various indicators presented and their overall results, the efficiency is good and continuous improvement is in place for all audited processes.”

Maturity: The quality management system is robust, monitored in a very stringent manner and particularly mature with regard to the size of the company. The quality management system is being used as a powerful guidance tool.”

Adaptation: The work that has been done to adapt the system to the 2015 version of ISO 9001 has paid off, the philosophy of this new version is well understood and implemented.”

Consistency between the company’s policy and its goals and targets: The company’s policy is perfectly consistent with the defined goals and identified targets.”

2016 / 2017 « Client Satisfaction Survey »: Positive Feedback

LS Client Satisfaction Survey

A survey on the topics “orders and delivery times, quality, customer relationship, after-sales service” has been addressed to a panel of distributors and to national and international integrators. The results of the 2016 / 2017 survey are now known.

The analysis of these responses shows that 90% of clients questioned are satisfied or very satisfied with the topics covered in the survey. These results confirm the adequacy of our responses to our clients’ expectations and are an encouragement to make every effort in our commitment to continuous improvement.

Tiller for Outboard Motor Cylinders

Tiller for Outboard Motor Cylinders

With this tiller for LS outboard cylinders (VHM EX 80 et 3500 HP), the boat can be steered from the motor.

Thanks to this function, the motor can easily be operated without having to resort to the steering wheel (for various fishing actions, anchorage, watch and emergency tiller if need be). Equipped with a quick coupling, the tiller can be fitted and removed easily and stored in a locker. Manufactured in stainless steel tube, its weight does not exceed 0.8 kg. Do not use at a speed exceeding 6 knots.

How to replace the motor brush-holder on power-pack

Motor brush-holder

This new video provides step-by-step assistance on how to replace the motor brush-holder on power packs RV1,RV2,RV3,EV2,EV3.

LS Installation on E-TEC G2 Range is now Possible

LS adaptation kit for Envirude motors

Lecomble & Schmitt resolves the adaptation of its helm pumps and hydraulic pipes on the EVINRUDE E-TEC G2 outboard motor range by proposing specific fittings.

The integration of this equipment between the motor manufacturer fittings and LS piping is quick and simple with no special tools required.

Lecomble & Schmitt - key player in the market – demonstrates once more its capacities to adapt.

Tilt HB 5: A Broader Range With 4 New Models

Tilt HB 5

At the beginning of 2017 Lecomble & Schmitt informed you of the release of a new steering wheel tilt system “tilt HB5” in versions 26 and 30 cc/turn.

As the most compact tilt system on the market, it is today available in 6 different cubic capacities from 20 to 50 cc/turn, the same capacities as for L.S range of outboard helm pumps.

With each one of these models it is possible to orientate the steering wheel within 5 available positions from -24° to + 24°, thus providing a greater steering comfort, whatever the position of the operator.

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