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Hydraulic Steering Systems

This steer-by-wire steering system has been specifically designed for multiple-rudder configurations on monohull or multihull boats. It combines the advantages of an electric steering and hydraulic power.

In particular, this innovative concept makes the following possible:

> Great ease of installation of the control section and the hydraulic part.

> Removal of all the hydraulic piping in the inhabitable spaces, replaced by small cross-section quick-connect electric wires.

> Rudder synchronization without mechanical or liquid tie bar.

> Optimized implantation thanks to a compact hydraulic power pack which integrates the logic controller.

> Significant reduction of the electrical consumption by managing the start-up of the hydraulic power pack upon receipt of instructions from the steering wheel, autopilot or joystick only.

> Use of a brushless motor.

This system is already installed on several boat models in different shipyards, both in France and abroad.