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Hydraulic Steering Systems

Tools required for the installation

– 1 set of spanners: 14, 17, 27
– 1 tube of liquid nut-lock (type Loctite® n°222)
– whole cutting oil (type Filduc 1879)

Important recommendations

– The cylinder should be installed by a qualified person.
– Do not use the cylinder as a footboard.
– The motor screw tube must be adjusted and greased with a suitable product.
– It is necessary to regularly grease the inside of the engine screw tube on outboard motors. If this is not done the cylinder bullhorns may oxidize in the engine screw tube which may cause the failure of the hydraulic steering system.
– Protect the cylinder and more particularly the cylinder rod against risks of impact, scratches and any other degradation during the installation procedure.
– Use only original screws and bolts supplied with the cylinder.
– To prevent seizing while screwing in the screw/nut, we recommend that the screw be greased with whole cutting oil (type Filduc 1879).
– For safety reasons, we recommend not to reuse self locking nuts after removal.
– It is imperative to observe following tightening torques: nut for cylinder plate/motor lever connection (13.5 Nm) ; Adjustable nut (148 Nm) ; Cylinder bullhorn nuts (13.5 Nm).
– No impurities should enter the cylinder.- No foreign body should hinder the cylinder operation (electrical cabling, tubing, rigid objects, etc.).

Before and after connecting the tubes, make sure that the cylinder can move freely:
– by moving the motor from lock to lock.
– by fully tilting the motor.

For more details, please refer to the instructions provided with your product.