News >Baseline: the different hydraulic steering systems for boats

Baseline: the different hydraulic steering systems for boats


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Whether you are a boat owner, equipment manufacturer or distributor, controlling your boat is vital to sailing with complete peace of mind.
This is why it is essential to fully understand the different hydraulic steering options available to you.

Manual hydraulic steering: simplicity and control

Ideal for small pleasure boats, manual steering gives you direct control with your steering wheel. It combines simplicity and reliability, guaranteeing worry-free navigation. For outboards, a tiller can be added to maneuver directly from the engine. Find out more

Assisted hydraulic steering: precision and power

One of the most popular option, the steering uses a hydraulic system controlled by a steering wheel or joystick. You will benefit from precise and fluid handling for easy maneuvers. Find out more

Electrohydraulic steering: modernity and comfort

Providing additional comfort, electro-hydraulic steering uses hydraulic or electric control for easy maneuvering and installation. For catamarans, it ensures synchronization of the rudders. You will enjoy a smooth and pleasant ride during your sea trips. Find out more

At Lecomble & Schmitt, we are determined to provide you with the best hydraulic steering for boats, adapted to your specific needs. Whether you are looking for leisure or performance sailing, our team of experts is here to advise you and help you choosing the best suited steering solutions for your nautical project.

Contact us now, or contact our distributors to learn more about our hydraulic steering solutions and find the best option for your boat!

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Types de groupe de pilotage

Les groupes réversibles

Débit réglable jusqu’à 3 L/mn. Disponibles en 12 ou 24V.
Pour les bateaux équipés de vérin double tige (bateaux de plaisance, de pêche et de servitude).
Pour les bateaux équipés de vérin simple tige (hors-bord, Z-Drive).

Les groupes à électrovannes

Débit réglable jusqu’à 3 L/mn. Disponibles en 12 ou 24V.
Pour équiper les bateaux de plaisance, pêche et servitude, équipés d’un
électro-distributeur et d’un réservoir d’huile.

Les centrales hydrauliques HF

Débit fixe de 2,5 à 18 L/mn.
Destinées aux gros bateaux de plaisance,de pêche et de servitude.

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