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Hydraulic Steering Systems
The “Ecopilot” energy saving device was designed to meet the demand for electrical energy saving on sailing-boats. Power reserve on board is often very limited, however it is essential for the operation of an autopilot system.
The “Ecopilot” acts on the electro-valve which engages the autopilot. The power consumption of this electro-valve represents a major part of the total autopilot consumption.
Its action consists of letting through – during a short moment – the necessary current for the electro-valve to switch on. Then the current is significantly reduced but still sufficient to maintain the electro-valve in position.
Thanks to this system, the daily consumption of the electro-valve is reduced in average from 30Ah to 5Ah.
2202047_Energy Saving Device "Ecopilot"
2202047 Ecopilot 12 V
2202048 Ecopilot 24 V
Power supply   12 or 24 VDC, 30 VDC max
Own Consumption   0.01 A
Output current at switching (Ie)   2.2 A max
Output current after switching   around Ie / 6.5
Switching time   0.2s
Protection   IP65
Indication d’alimentation   LED yellow
 Température d’utilisation    -20°C à +70°C