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Hydraulic Steering Systems
2203593 LS Speedy purge
2203593 Speedy Purge
  LS SPEEDY PURGE is a tool designed to fill and purge air from LS Hydraulic Steering Systems fitted on 5 to 15 metre boats.
LS SPEEDY PURGE connects directly to the 12 volt boat battery with crocodile clips and to the cylinder and pump with 2 x 4 metre clear spiral hoses.
Easily transportable, its 4 litre oil contents gives sufficient autonomy to bring 2 to 3 steering systems into service without filling up.
Fill and purge is done neatly by one technician alone in less than 10 minutes, thus ensuring that SPEEDY PURGE is paid off with the very first steering systems. LS Speedy Purge is the ideal tool for shipyards with small series of boats or for installation or maintenance work at marinas.
LS Speedy purge – 12V – with 4 m extension hoses
Set of 2 x 4 m extension hoses
  Discover how it works in this short video!