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Hydraulic Steering Systems

Summer is coming! It’s time to launching your boat and checking it to ensure a sailing in optimum condition!

Whatever the type of your boat, the hydraulic steering is an essential safety device which needs an indispensable minimal maintenance.

The first step is to check it at dockside while maneuvering several times from port to starboard. This allows you to check that the cylinder moves smoothly to its stops, and that the pump turns regular. Then check that there are no leaks on the steering components (pipes, cylinder and pump).

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Lecomble & Schmitt certified for over 20 years, has just extended its ISO 9001 certification for another year !

Information’s trust and quality are the foundations of the relationship we are building with our clients on a daily basis, since the company was founded.

This renewal testifies the commitment of Lecomble & Schmitt’s management and staff to guarantee quality products and service for our customers.

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The cleanliness and the proper maintenance of outboard steering systems are fundamental to ensure the optimal operation and the best durability of all steering systems exposed to the weather and abrasive environment.

LS grease nipple significantly cuts down external pollution (dust, salt, water…) that can deteriorate the inner part of the motor screw tube. Besides, the integrated nipple facilitates the greasing operations which have to be carried out on a regular basis.

The equipped grease nipple fits all Lecomble & Schmitt hydraulic steering systems for outboards up to 175 hp and all types of cable steering.

This steer-by-wire steering system has been specifically designed for multiple-rudder configurations on monohull or multihull boats. It combines the advantages of an electric steering and hydraulic power.

In particular, this innovative concept makes the following possible:

> Great ease of installation of the control section and the hydraulic part.

> Removal of all the hydraulic piping in the inhabitable spaces, replaced by small cross-section quick-connect electric wires.

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Whether it is an outboard or inboard system (motorboat or sailboat), you can use hydraulic steering systems. This allows for multiple steering positions, a more powerful engine and a smooth steering.

A hydraulic steering system consists of a helm pump (which is operated by turning the steering wheel), flexible tubes or high-pressure hoses and finally a cylinder that operates the engine or rudder.

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Always anxious to fulfill the market requirements, LS has developed a new power assisted steering system specifically designed for outboard motors and inboard motor boats with a rudder torque up to 185 kgm.

The design of this product allows for a very smooth steering feel.

The use of a brushless motor which is only activated when needed, ensures minimal noise generation and lower electric consumption.

The power pack integrates the autopilot functionality and is compatible with the various market players. Owing to its compact size and simplicity of installation, it can be adapted as an add-on to most existing hydraulic steering systems.